In the words of one of my first students..."This is the first, this is the second, this is the threeth time..." I've tried to update this blog! 

I thought I'd take this opportunity on a snow day to update parents on what I have been doing in my reading intervention groups. Some students have been with me since September or October; some just started this month.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at 472-7341, ext. 6118.

First grade:  in this group, we focus on letter identification, letter sounds, blending phonemes in words (b ar k=bark), using reading strategies conwhile reading, and reading with expression and meaning.

Second grade: Great group that uses expression and meaning!  With this group we work on reading fluency, sight words, and blending phonemes.

Third grade:  While these students can read on grade level materials, they struggle with comprehension. Their comprehension is lessened because they are not fluent in their reading.  Thus, we work on fluency and comprehension.

Fourth grade: These students struggle with fluency and comprehension. It helps to present the standards in a small group setting so that they can get individual practice and help as needed.

Fifth grade: Even though these students are the oldest in the school, they need to work on their reading stamina. It is difficult for them to read the long text that they are required to read without being VERY distracted. We work on attitude towards reading, fluency, and comprehension.