The Fifth Wave by Rick Yancey.

The 1st wave took out power: electric, vehicles, ALL power.  The 2ndwave brought in the tsunami.  The 3rd wave brought in horrid disease.  The 4th wave brought in the silencer.  At least that is all.

Or is it?

Cassie needs to know.


This story is woven together using several different characters' perspectives.  Each section of the book presents a different experience, a different mindset.  While this can be confusing at first, the reader picks up on the different voices quickly after their introductions; once that happens, get ready for a wild, can't-put-down ride!  Who can be trusted?  Who can't be?  Who is the good guy?  Who isn't?  These question pop up continually as you continue reading.

This isn't The Hunger Games or Legend.  This is a read all its own, an original landscape with some familiar territory thrown in to help the reader get the concept.  In some ways, it is similar to Ender's Game.  Mostly, it stands on its own.