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Book Report Format

Book Report for Novel


5 points – Label the following somewhere on your paper:  Title (underline or italicize), author, genre (fantasy, realistic fiction, historical fiction, science fiction, etc.)

5 points – Grammar/spelling

10 points – Setting/Exposition (1-2 paragraphs):  Describe the setting (time and place) of your novel.  This should include background, characters, time period, and character connections that are revealed in the first few chapters of the novel.  Example–who is related to whom, where the story takes place, who is the protagonist (main character), who is the antagonist (bad guy) etc.

10 points – Conflict (1-2 paragraphs):  Describe the main conflict of your novel and explain whether it is man vs. man, man vs., nature, man vs. society, or man vs. self.  Sometimes novels have more than one type of conflict; describe as many that apply to your novel.

30 points – Rising Action (4-5 paragraphs):  Describe the events in the novel that take place that lead to the resolution of the conflict.  This should be the longest part of the report.  Summarize (in your own words) all the episodes or events that take place and lead to the climax.

10 points – Climax (1-2 paragraphs):  Describe the climax of the novel (this will be the most exciting part).  Describe how the main conflict was resolved.

10 points – Resolution (1 paragraph):  Describe the resolution of the novel.  Describe how all the loose ends were tied up.  Example:  Did the boy get the girl, did the protagonist defeat the antagonist, was normal life resumed?

10 points – Analyze the protagonist (1 paragraph):  Was he or she static (no change) or dynamic (change) throughout the novel?  How so?  How did he or she respond or change as the plot unfolded?  Explain any character traits that would describe the protagonist and demonstrate how he or she changed.

10 points – Analyze the novel (1 paragraph):  Give your analysis of the novel.  What did you think about it?  Analyze the use of characters/conflict/situations and explain what was done well and what was not.  How could the author have made it better?  Did the author leave you wondering anything at the end?