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The Cave by Ayden

The Cave

By:  Ayden Pugh


One sunny afternoon, my friends and I were doing our homework at my house and that’s when the strange afternoon happened.  We heard this loud noise it sounded like a dog barking out in the woods so David said, “hey guys let’s go check that noise out.’’ and Jake and I said, “Sure!” So first we each got a stick, flashlight, and a bottle of water. Next, we opened the gate and hopped on the four-wheeler and drove off into the woods. As we were driving we kept hearing that same noise then bam! I slammed the brakes and barely hit the tree in front of us. Then I said,” We better walk the rest of the way.’’ “You think,” said David!  So as we were walking we heard that same sound again but this time they heard another sound it sounded like waterfall then Jake said, “ I didn’t know you had a water fall behind your house.” I said, “Neither did I.’’ After about a mile we got to the waterfall next to the waterfall was this cave and that sound must have been coming from in there because it was sure loud inside that cave. “Good thing you said to bring our flashlights, ”said Jake. As we were walking we saw a light so we went to it then there was a door.  David insisted on opening it so we let him open it even though I thought it was locked, turns out it wasn’t locked. Inside there was a big box was on a table along with a noisemaker set to sound like a dog.  Next David tried to open the box, but he said it was locked so we all looked around for a key “there on the wall,” I said.  Grabbing the key, I ran to the box and opened it there in that box was gold coins we all had are mouths open looking at the gold not knowing someone was looking at us.  I was the first to notice so I said, ”hey guys you should look at this.’’ Then we were all looking at this man with sword pointing right at me. Of course Jake and I are already running, but Davis had grabbed the box of gold and was right behind us.    The man with the sword after Jake made it out first then me and David made it out.   We all darted into the woods and Jake made it to four-wheeler first, then David.  I stayed and got my stick and threw it at the man he fell it hit him right in the stomach.  He then hit his head on a branch above making him go down with a heap so I jumped on to the four-wheeler and hightailed it out of there.   We got back to the house safe, parked the four-wheeler in the garage, ran out, shut the gate, and ran into the house.  We locked the door and called the police and here I am telling you about what happened.