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STLP Regionals by Liana

STLP Regionals

So when I went to STLP regionals I found a great group of high schools that their project was on Helping Hands. They said," that this is good because they do helpful donations for the community to meet the need for a food drive, clothes donations, and also donations to their locale animal shelters." So, if they needed all these donations then they made a video to go with it. When, I asked what else you could do to make it better is to expanded the videos, and another question is about their video is they liked using the green screen at their school. Once again, we I asked about their opinion or vison on their competitors work, most said they haven't really thought about it and the others thought," I think theirs' is better then mine project. Some said that their STLP leaders helped them a lot on their project and other adults at their school by giving them ideas of what to do. This why I think this group of high school students gave me a good vison of them.



This is a list of how I completed my text, images, and video for my Multimedia Content Project.

 For my text, I first I asked my teacher/STLP leader if I can take notes at lunch to see what my class was doing wrong and right. Once I found the things I needed to make new expectations to add to the old ones. Then, I wrote more about how students can behave on themselves. Also, I used Word for typing online and email. 

 For my video. Once again, I asked my teacher if I can tape my class at school at lunch time. Next, I had to start eating myself, so I had to stop for that day. Then, I asked my teacher if I could  tape more of my class the next day, and she gave me permission. Once I got all of my taping done I just had to put some sound effects like music. I also used iMovie. I chose to make a video to help me get better at taping in case I need it for my life.

 First, I asking my teacher if I can also take images with my video as well, and she gave me permission. After that, I saw what my class was doing wrong and right I started to take images.Then, I took images when I did the video. If you look at the end of my video is where my images are at. 

This is why I chose to do a video, images, and a text to help students behave at lunch.