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Strategies for helping your child in math

It doesn't take a lot of supplies or special games to practice math.  the following activities can happen nearly anywhere and take little or no supplies.  A great plact to start is by counting.  Children need to know their numbers forward and backwards-literally!

* practice counting to 100 by 1's, 5's, and 10's.

* practice counting from 100 to 0.   Count on or back from a certain random number such as 12, 56, 38...  This will help when they begin to learn adding/counting on, and subtracting/counting down from.

* Ask your child what number comes before/after certain numbers.  This develops the concept of one more/one less then on to adding and subtracting by 1.

* play Guess my Number:  My number is bigger than 8, smaller than 7, one more than 5, my number is bigger/smaller/greater/less.

* look for numbers such as house numbers, signs, calendars, clocks, license plates...

* estimate--help your child make estimations about the quantities around them.  They can estimate and then count items such as crackers on their plate, crayons in the box, orange slices in their orange.....