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Northern Elementary - Monday
Sharp Middle School - Tuesday
Southern Elementary - Wednesday
Pendleton Co. High School - Thursday
Sharp & PCHS - Friday


I started my education in a small brick school house which had a low budget playground, the smallest gymnasium in the district, a cafeteria, 1 girl’s restroom and 1 boy’s restroom, a small stage, and 5 rooms which served as classrooms for 6 grade levels.  Our principal was a sub bus driver, 5th/6th grade teacher, boys and girls basketball coach, not to mention the other varied activities that he became involved in.  Every teacher in that remarkable building knew every student by name. 

I now realize that while I attended the smallest and lowest budgeted school in our district that is where my greatest educational challenges and discoveries took place.  I cherish memories of the teachers, custodian, lunch ladies, and bus drivers who worked together to teach me so much and to make me feel so important and so very valued.  It was in that small school house that I was allowed to make discoveries and most importantly, I was allowed to take ownership of my education.  It was there that I wrote my first play, created my first masterpiece on canvas, won my first science fair, delivered my first speech, and gained a love for learning. I was taught by phenominal teachers who knew that challenging all students and teaching them to believe in their abilities would put them on a path to success. 

I believe that there is no substitute for the power of belief in a student’s ability, knowing that is what they need to accept the challenge and succeed.   I was taught in my elementary years that there are no limits to what one can do if one truly desires and puts forth the effort to succeed.  This is what I want for my students.  I want them to challenge themselves, to except challenges, and to know that with effort, they can succeed.  I want them to stretch their boundaries, to know that they are valued, to use their creativity and make discoveries, and most of all to believe in themselves and know that I believe in them.  It is the security of knowing all of these things that will set the foundation for the rest of their lives.  I realize that my goal for each day must include being the best teacher and the best person that I can be to every student I encounter.      

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