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Welcome to U.S. History!  This class will help to prepare you to learn in and contribute to an information-oriented world, this yearlong course will provide a detailed overview of United States history from the country’s industrial age to the post–World War II era. You will gain insight into the forging of the new nation, the sectional conflicts that nearly tore it apart, and the Civil War and Reconstruction. You will learn about nineteenth-century industrialization and urbanization, the growth of the West and the “New South,” and political efforts to reform capitalism. You will also analyze the effects of the Great Depression and the New Deal, the Cold War and the United States’ role as a world power, and more recent challenges such as movements for equality, environmental issues, and global terrorism. As a class, we will investigate and interpret past events, learn collaboratively, encourage personal ownership of learning, and apply what we have learned to real-world situations.

  • Class Supplies

    Students will need the following items to be successful in U.S. History:

    1) 3-ring binder (1/2-2 inch)
    2) Loose-leaf filler paper
    3) Writing utensils (Preferably pencils)

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