Manipulated Image Product - Levi Traylor

Me…. The Snowman


Created by: Levi Traylor


My teacher took a picture of me and then I used that picture to work on. I opened up Word and then I inserted the picture. Then I went to format to remove the background. Then I made a copy of the photo then I pasted it on a different page. I cropped it to adjust the face. Then I dragged the cropped face over to the original photo. I went to format, then went to color and clicked on saturation 0%. Then I went to Paint and paste my picture there. I took my arm out. I put the arm on Word. Then I went to format then went to color and went to more variations. Next, I went to more colors and went to brown and put it in front of my arm then I did it again. I went to insert and went to shape and picked three circles. I put one behind my face and the rest in front.


Original Photo

Levi - Original