Cinemania 2019

Watch the video here:

Official 2019 Elements:

Prop: Disinfectant of some kind

Prop: Pepper

Prop: A goal line or finish line

Prop: Technology from the future 

Prop: Decoration that is obviously out of season 

Prop: A video medium from the past

Action: Two or more people clapping in rhythm

Action: Imitation of any animal 

Action: A hug 

Character: Somebody who helps or stands up for somebody online (a good digital citizen) 

Character: Ted. Ted’s either from Alaska or has been there and he makes sure we know that.

Character: Someone who’s dressed for the wrong weather 

Dialogue: At least 3 seconds of omniscient point-of-view (e.g. a narrator’s voice tells us what a character is thinking)

Dialogue: “Trust me, I know what I’m talking about.”

Dialogue: “You saw that online? On WHAT line?”