Original Photo - Levi Traylor

Fire in the Sky

 Photo taken by Levi Traylor, 4th Grade

“Fire in the Sky”


On November 14, 2019, my mom and I were on our way to school so that I could get recognized for scoring Distinguished on KPREP at our PTO Meeting/Math Night. It was about 5:15 PM when we left home to go to school. I brought my mom’s Nikon camera because it was in the evening and I wanted to take pictures of the sunset. Before coming to school, I saw a good angle of the sunset and I asked my mom to pull over so I could take the shot. Once I found the angle of the sunset I liked, I zoomed in a little and then took the picture with the camera. After taking this photo, I wanted to name it Fire in the Sky because it was real red and there's clouds around it--it made think of a fire in the sky.