Minecraft Submission 2020

Hi everyone! 


Please enjoy our video that we made to submit for our Minecraft Competition. Our objective was to build a settlement in Mars that is habitable for humans. We researched and build our world to showcase what we thought would be a good settlement to survive on Mars.  - SES Minecraft Squad


YouTube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wlz8i46UsqE

YouTube Front Cover Minecraft Video




     First, we open up Minecraft Education software and then we created a new world. We changed our default game mode to “Creative”, named it “Mars Settlement”. Then, we clicked on “Host” to open up the world and generate a code so that our Minecraft Squad members could join.

     After researching about Mars, we decided to build a platform up in the sky to look like Mars. Then we put sand down on the platform and then started to build our settlement. We researched how settlements looked like in Mars and got the idea of what our settlement should look like. First, we built our command center which is connected to our greenhouse. We thought we would make a greenhouse because we needed an oxygen source and plants are our main source of oxygen. Next, we built an air filter which makes a ventilation system that is connected to all the buildings. This is another source of oxygen. After that we made a barrier around our base. After that we built our rocket ship. Then we made an entrance for rovers to come through. Then we built the American flag on our command center. After that we built our living quarters which has a pathway to our command center. Last we built our food storage which is connected to our command center. 

     We used Microsoft Teams to screen record our settlement. After screen recording, we saved the video and edit some parts on Video Editor. We also recorded the voice over with Voice Recorder. We saved the file and used a flash drive to transfer it to a MacBook to edit with iMovie. We added the voice and video to iMovie and edited to have captions, our ending, and references.




  • Book - Mars by Steve Potts
  • Book - Life on Mars by Jennifer Brown
  • Image idea from Futurism - Mars One Planned to Colonize the Red Planet. Now It’s Bankrupt (https://futurism.com/mars-one-bankrupt)
  • 8 Tips for Surviving on Mars (http://crownpublishing.com/archives/feature/8-tips-for-surviving-on-mars#.XlkgHkdKjIU)