Manipulated Image - Brooke F.

Nuclear Alien Invasion

Alien Invasion

Manipulated Image by Brooke Florer

Original Photo

Original Photo_ Manipulated

Photo Taken by Brooke Florer


The first step I took was looking at my the photos I have taken on my phone to pick out an original image I can manipulate. I chose a picture of a sunrise that I took on September 14, 2020 at 7:25 A.M. The next step I took was using the PicArt app to edit the photo on my iPhone 7. I started to add explosions by clicking on the sticker feature and searching “explosions”. Then I picked the sticker I wanted for my picture and changed the color of the background by going to Callout feature and choosing a random chat bubble that had the color I liked that would blend well with my image. Once I added the chat bubble, I expanded it to cover the entire photo. I clicked on the Opacity feature and changed it to 53. Then I clicked on the blend feature and went to “difference” to change the color once more. The next thing I did was adding stickers like the the alien spaceship and the bomb sticker. Finally, I saved the picture to my phone and then shared it to upload my image on this website.