Minecraft - Southern Farm

Hi everyone! 


Please enjoy our video that we made to submit for our Minecraft Competition. Our objective was to build a farm that you would see in Kentucky. We built our farm based on experience and what we have seen here in Pendleton County. We hope you like it!

Southern Farm

YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/TY0c45rmj7c


Minecraft Squad - Silas Derico, Noah Gelter, & Brantley Brown



     First, we open up Minecraft Education software and then we created a new world. The first thing we built was the barn because we knew that most farms in Kentucky and in Pendleton County had barns. We built the barn for the horses and to store the hay. We even built the field for the horses to run in.  Next, we built a house which included the main floor, a basement, and a room upstairs.  After that, we built the garden which growing our crops. Our garden also contained wheat which we could use for hay. Then we built the chicken coop, which kept our chickens safe and right after that, we built the cow stables for our cows. We then built a silo which stored our crops. The next thing we did was building a garage for our truck and then worked on the truck afterwards. We thought that most farms had trucks that would be helpful to transport food, crops, animals, and get us to different places. After the garage and truck, we build a paved road so that it was easier to drive to and from the farm. We thought that building a  beehive  would be useful for gathering honey and when we researched it, we saw that there are beehives in Kentucky farms as well. Next, we built a camper that would be helpful when going camping. Lastly, we built the roadside marketplace or concession stand so that we could sell crops if we needed to. Overall, we built this farm that not only included animals, barn, and wheat, but also a farm that people can live on and enjoy their farm.