Digital Storytelling

Dark Side

Created by Brooke Florer

Music By: Alan Walker, Nightcore Remix (Darkside)


On January 19th, I started to create my Darkside Gacha Life Music Video. First, I took all the screenshots of Gacha Life, which is an anime avatar creator game. All together, I had took 162 screenshots of mini characters moving their mouths to the song, or basically lip syncing, and  playing roles in the story. Next, I opened my video creator and editing app, Vita. I clicked the create button and started to add my screenshots. In order to put my screenshots together and get them ready to edit, I had to select all 162 of them and then click the continue button. Then, when I had all of my screenshots together and ready to edit, I started to shorten, or elongate, my screenshots to fit the scenes into the song. To add the song, (Darkside, by Alan Walker, Nightcore Remix) I clicked the add music button and went to the feature that allows me to add music from my iTunes. Then, when the song was added, and I had fitted the scenes in to match with the parts of the song the characters sung, I started to add effects. I changed the transition from scene to scene to zoom blur. I also added text to the story by going to the text feature and typing what I wanted. Finally, I saved the video, which I finished on January 21, and uploaded it to my iCloud storage.