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4th Grade GATES

Students Teach Poetry at "Evening of the Arts"
Poems People Wrote
The Gettysburg Poem
By: Seth
Seven brave men struggled
Liberty advanced nobly
Four Score Devotion
Cold Cold War
By: Mark
John F. Kennedy
He does not like tyranny
East West North South Chaos
Khruschev likes hunger 
Bombs from Moscow to NATO
No goes nuclear
The Brandenburg Gate
The Great Soviet Mistake
Chaos in Berlin
Haiku For You
By: Mike
Wonderful Encouragement
outstanding associate
ballpark education
blessing existed
manager squabbles
Remember Leader
I Have a Dream
By: Bruce
Spiritual dream
Negro faith is very strong
Equality - free
Baseball Mess
By: Matthew
Those fans today remember
something wonderful
everybody remembers when
lucky baseball fans
face education
face something today
consider kindness
then consider seventeen,
Seventeen Trophies
The Great Nation
By: Sherita
Continent Conceived
Dedicated portion Great
proper hallow Four
Final nation Four
Battlefield, Liberty, Score
Great fitting, Proper
Final Remember
dedicate final nation
Never forget, Four
By: Ariel
Today women help
American people join
Against Acts Evil!
Famous Speech Poetry

GATES 4th grade students read through either the "Gettysburg Address" or Martin Luther King, Jr's "I Have a Dream" speech to create word banks to use in their poetry.  The following are the resulting poems.



Civil Rights
By: Alex D
God’s riches, freedom
America’s brotherhood
Sands segregation
Georgia oppression
Fatal gradualism sands
Brotherhood sunlit
Luxury freedom
Overlook brutality
God’s democracy
By: Daniel D 
White live luxury
Refuse to go down today
Black not free to live
Today black live free
Today black children free
Black live free now to
White go down today
Not time to go down
Today black live FREE!!!!!!!
Honored Nation
By: Jordan K
Dead power living
Dedicated freedom fought
Living power dead
Honored liberty
Freedom fought altogether
Living power, brave!
Brave power living!
Conceived freedom honor brave
Altogether Brave!!!!
I Have A New Dream
By: Evan A
Freedom cannot dream
Unspeakable walk
Mississippi brotherhood
Mississippi God
New freedom walk dream
Free unmind brotherhood
Happy mountainside
God lets freedom new
Let’s dreams free today
Liberty Wars
By Thalia A
The honored civil war
Battle honored continents
Honor nation war
Honored civil nation
Honor civil liberty
Civil brave war
Battle civil power brave
Battle continent
Honor liberty
Names of Men in War
By: Emma M. R
God advanced the earth
God created our nation
Honored advanced nation
Those who died in war are brave,
Honored people
Brave, dedicated, hero
Liberty freedom
Altogether Men!
The Dedicated Men
By: Brooklyn R
The dedicated
Men fought for freedom the brave
Men fought in the war
The dedicated
Brave men fought for the nation
Freedom the brave men
Liberty nation
Nation freedom remember
Dedicated men
War is a battle
By: Allison M. R
Dedicated task
Living continent conceived
War unfinished dead
We resolve power
Perish Devotion
Endure struggled us
Hallow honored for
Equal freedom above poor
Battle: The Great War