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Creativity Night








KYA / Give students an Opportunity to Have a Voice

Work through our brainstorming process for developing a legislative bill that matters and find out how to get your students involved in the Kentucky Youth Assembly.  Our 2012 Bill: An act to require middle schools to allow students to take classes for high school credit if they qualify.  – Morgan

KYA Bill – Early Release of KEES Money

Come discuss with us and give us feedback on our legislative idea.  Our Idea: Students would be eligible to receive the Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship (KEES) money they have obtained thus far in high school, if admitted into college before graduation. This would relieve students some burden of tuition costs. College grades along with high school grades will continue to contribute to the amount of KEES money earned until high school graduation.  – Ronica

Visualization: Making Mind Pictures

When reading a story, magazine, informational text, or play, the writer relies upon us to create pictures in our minds.  Grab a partner and have fun with the visualizing exercise we will teach you.  – Holley


KUNA (Kentucky United Nations Assembly) is a YMCA sponsored program which challenges students to step into the role of a UN ambassador from another county.  Utilizing research, our school’s delegation puts together a global village display, costumes, a country placard, a proposal, and an international stage presentation.  I’m not sure you can find a program which requires more creativity !!!  Our team won Best Country last year and we’ll teach you how we prepare.  -- Chelsea

Famous Speech Poetry

Utilize famous speeches such as the "Gettysburg Address" and Martin Luther King, Jr's "I Have a Dream" speech to create word banks to use in poetry.  Create several lines in a haiku pattern or other formula and then give students creative freedoms.  You will love the outcome! – Kyle


Have you heard of Storybird.com?   With a free membership, you can view a large collection of online books that others have written, and you and your students can create your own books, using collections of artwork as inspiration.  You can even add students’ names and give assignments with Storybird! Learn to use the program and actually create your own storybird.  -- Seth

Dinner Theatre through Readers Theatre

Have students look at a collection of reader’s theatre books and magazines.  Students should decide on a theme and discuss possible stories, historic events, famous speeches, etc. which could enhance the theme. Next, select costumes, props, and scenery or find images to project for the scenery. Lastly, practice, serve a little food, and perform.  Take this opportunity to begin putting together a production script for your class.  – Maya


Learn History through artifacts.  Have students use their creativity and prior knowledge to hypothesize what the artifact was used for before researching to find out for sure.  Another variation requires students to determine what two or more artifacts have in common.  We’ll supply the images of artifacts and invite you to use your creativity and brainpower to complete the activity. – Zach

Math is Just a Roll of the Dice

The fun of dice can be experienced outside a casino and learning can take place while rolling them.  Come play a series of Math games with dice. – Jacob

Costuming to Create a Character

The costume can tell us a great deal about a character….the time period they live in, the culture they are from, their personality, their job, etc.  Give a description and see what your students can create or show an image and see what your students can infer.  Come join us and see what you can create.  -- Mikinley Grace